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Captain John Cleave CEO Benair

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The 19 passenger LET 410 is a STOL non pressurized turbo-prop with the widest passenger cabin in its class. With comfortable commuter seating the aircraft is ideally suited for short to medium passenger services in those areas of the world that have short unpaved runways.
The LET410 has also found favour with small cargo operators and the wide cargo door allows easy loading.


The LET 410 UVP E9/20
Manufacturer Let. A.S.
Powerplant 2 X Walter M601-E turbo props (560 Kw/750 s.h.p.)
Length 14.42 m. (47 ft. 4.in)
Wing Span 22.m. (72ft.)
Height 5.83 m. (19ft. 2.in.)
Seating Capacity 19 + 2 crew.
Max. take off Weight. 6,600 kgs. (14,520 lbs.)
Take off Distance to 35 ft. 670 metres sea level.
Economy Cruise Speed 175 knots.
Fuel capacity Jet A1 1,300 kgs.
Cruise fuel consumption 270 kg. (320 litres per hour)
Range 800/900 statute miles without reserves.

The LET 410 UVP E-9/20 is popular because of its low operating costs and low cost of acquisition for the class of aircraft. The aircraft is well suited wherever non pressurization 19 passenger aircraft are in demand.


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